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The Linden Method is available to you as a Printed book pack and DVD/CD set or as a Digital download and contains everything you will need to conquer your anxiety disorder. Based on the proven 10 “Pillars” structure developed by Charles that will lead you to your anxiety elimination.

Our digital and printed programs come with a 12 month money back guarantee so you can be 100% sure you know we are confident about you making a full recovery.



The Linden Method

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Printed Version

The Digital Linden Method manual Yes
The Printed Linden Method manual Yes
Immediate online access to all materials & support Yes Yes
1 year of unlimited 24 hour email and phone support Yes Yes
The Fast Track recovery video Yes Yes
The Linden Method audio CD’s Yes
16 Linden Method Audio Tracks Yes
The Panic Attack eliminator programme Yes Yes
The 10 Pillars video Yes Yes
1 year money back guarantee Yes Yes
Complimentary “Stress free in 30 days” ebook Yes Yes
Complimentary “Journey out of
Agoraphobia” audio programme
Yes Yes
5 Complimentary “Conquer with” Video presentations Yes Yes
Free delivery Yes


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